When the time comes to decide which company you would like to work in you would most likely be interested in working for the best or the biggest. Unfortunately the best or the biggest may not necessarily be the Right company for you.While choosing a company there are a number of factors to consider.

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Why work at Tavisca?

The answer to the question 'why work at Tavisca' can be quite detailed or it can be as simple as 'Why compromise'?
We at Tavisca feel that anything is possible and that one can have it all...

How to reinvent yourself?

Aren't you bored of yourself yet? Shocked, well it really is a reality check question that is needed before any reinvention can happen. You can reinvent yourself just for the fun...

Passion, an Open Secret to success

We all know that we need skills and knowledge to do any job well. The real question is, is that enough? This question is particularly pertinent when it comes to success...

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Tavisca Solutions is a technology centric products and services company based in Pune.

Our core business expertise is Online Travel Solutions for the corporate and leisure travel companies majorly in the United States with new bright opportunities in the domestic market.

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